Email Marketing explained

Growing your mailing list should be the second priority of your online store, if you cant get visitors to purchase (priority 1) then you ant to at least capture their email so we can convert them from a visitor to customer in the future!

Driving email signups drives mailing list growth

Nextwave Commerce powered online stores provide a number of methods to grow your email list,
here they are in order of effectiveness

1. Welcome popup

This loads 5-8 seconds after arriving at the site, pushing visitors to signup...
we recommend offering a incentive such as a 10% discount off the first order, or a competition of some sort

A discount off first order is BY FAR the most effective way to grow your list, and has been proven to grow the mailing list as much as 20 times faster than not offering a discount.
Competitions are good also but don't get the take up, of course depends on the prize!
Wed certainly recommend a 10% discount off first purchase
once they are a customer then the Trigger Emails will target them individually for a second full priced purchase

More on Trigger Emails

2. During Checkout

We have a check box for customers to join the list.. this is selected by default meaning new customers will join the list unless they specifically de-select that check-box

3. Mailing list signup in footer of all pages

this allows people to signup at any point, even if they have said no initially to the welcome popup

4 Mailing list page, accessible from top header
Another subscribe option

So.. your list is growing over time without you lifting a finger!
Of course the more traffic the site gets the faster this will grow..
but important to setup these functions at the outset... which we do for you

Your mailing list can then be targetted monthly (recommended) via one off professional email campaigns that you create and send (after training)
either "postcard" types with promo images eg a sale or new collection

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

or a newsletter type campaign...
Example 1 

Postcard style is probably best for most industries rather than text heavy newsletters but you have the option to send many different layouts
We work with you to best set this up, provide training in the use of Nextwave Mailer to create, send and track email campaigns

Its a self serve setup accessible from your Storefront Admin but does require you to create the images to use (we can assist here if needed)

A custom branded email template is generally provided for Nextwave Mailer
Ongoing send fees to up to 500 subscribers is also included in the monthly package
Once the list grows above 500 subscribers there are extra costs
Reporting is provided so you can see the sales that come a direct result of your email campaigns
the aim always being any increases in fixed costs are offset by an increase in sales


For more information about Nextwave Mailer and email campaigns, talk to your Project Manager


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