Trigger Emails explained

A Trigger Email, is a personalised email that is automatically sent to your customer based on their activity in your Nextwave Commerce powered online store. Thus enabling you to automatically send email messages that are relevant, timely and valuable, and have a higher conversion rate. An intelligent triggered email marketing program can have many benefits. All without you lifting a finger!

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Types of Trigger Emails

Product Recommendations

Send each customer a different email with personalized product recommendations based on their most recent activity on your website? Send this email monthly? Weekly? All without lifting a finger.

So every day the system sends a number of emails to customers based on their activity, recommending *relevant* products to their recent order(s).

eg If you've have assigned a specific tshirt as related to a pair of jeans in the Storefront Admin
when customer buys the jeans, the email will contain the tshirt 
Highly personalized and relevant!

Havent manually assigned items to one another? No problem our smart merchandising will select other relevant products to display in the email.

Example Recommendations email


Recover Cart

For people who add items to their bag but don't checkout for one reason or another
Its called cart abandonment and a big issue in online retail
Of course its a lot easier to select items and abandon an order online than go to the supermarket fill a trolley and leave it behind!
So this Trigger Email series follows up with the customer in a polite way to encourage them to come back and complete the order, nifty huh!

Email one is set an hour after the customer leaves the site with items still in their bag
Example Recover Cart Email 1

Email 2 is sent 24 hours later (providing of course they don't respond to email 1)
At this point its likely they wont come back so studies have shown a discount is a powerful incentive to further encourage them
Example Recover Cart Email 2

You can adjust this discount amount, but generally 10% is proven to be the best approach, 5% doesn't really create the same interest.
This discount is optional, you don't have to provide a discount at all, in that case the system just sends email 1 and hopes for the best!

Results have shown the full series gets the best conversion rate!

Email 3 (if email 2 is not responded to)
is sent 3 days later and creates some urgency letting customer know they only have 24 hours left to take advantage of the discount
Example Recover Cart Email 3

These incomplete orders are tracked through the various stages of the series and moved to "Recovered" if customer responds and purchases as a result of the emails, or "Abandoned" if they don't complete their order at the end of the Trigger Email series. This way you can see exact dollar value of the recovered sales in your Storefront Admin.

We have seen as high as 20% of abandoned orders being recovered via this method. Potentially worth $1000s of sales each month.


Win Back old customers

There is also a trigger email to win back customers who have not purchased from you in a set period of time, this email is based on their previous purchase, so again items displayed will be dependent on their previous purchase thus highly personalized and relevant 
Example Win Back email

Other Trigger emails

There are other Trigger Emails also including Wish List / Saved Items and customers who have an account but haven't yet purchased, we are also adding more trigger email in the future


Trigger emails are generally included in your monthly package up to 250 customers

There may be extra costs once you go over this customer limit as there are more resources required on the server,  full reporting is provided to show you the sales that come as a direct result of the trigger emails so you can be sure you are getting a good ROI.

As above the aim always being any increases in fixed costs are offset by an increase in sales.

Got an idea for a trigger email? Let us know!

Talk to your Project Manager today if you have any further questions about Trigger Emails.

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