How to add/edit a Homepage Slide


1. Slide Image preview

A thumbnail of the Homepage Slide  (blank when adding a new Slide)


2. Slide Name

Title of the Homepage Slide, this is the Alt Tag given to the Hoempage Slide
Useful for SEO


3. Link

The URL the Homepage Slide will go to when clicked on your Storefront


4. Slide Image 

Choose an image from your local computer...
Must be a particular size to fit the design correctly
Ask your Project Manager if you aren't sure


5. Status

Status of the Homepage Slide

If "On" icon, then Homepage Slide is active on the Storefront
If a "Off" icon then Homepage Slide is inactive on the Storefront


6. Save

Click to save the Homepage Slide


7. Cancel

Click to cancel and return to Homepage Slide list

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