Navigating the Discount Coupons list

First, go to Storefront Admin > Marketing > Discount Couponscoupon_list.jpg


1. New Coupon

Click this button to add a new Discount Coupon


2. Coupon Code

Coupon code (along with a description for internal use)


3. Discount

Amount of Discount to be applied


4. Start 

Start date for the Coupon


5. End

End date for the Coupon


6. Max Use

Maximum number of times the coupon can be used by each Customer


7. Available

Number of Coupons available 


8. Edit

Click to edit the Coupon


9. Share

Click the share the Coupon on Facebook a dialog will load with Sale info prefilled ready for sharing on your Facebook business page.


10. Exclusion

Click to display exclusions submenu, choose your exclusions eg by customer, by brand, by category


11. Delete 

Click to delete the Coupon




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