Navigating the Salemaker list

First, go to Storefront Admin > Marketing > Salemakersalemaker_list.jpg

1. New Sale

Click to create a new Sale


2. Sale Name

The name of the Sale (internal only - this does not appear on the Storefront)


3 Status

Status of the sale

If a "Tick" icon, then Sale is active on the Storefront
If a "Cross" icon then Sale is inactive on the Storefront

Click to toggle the status of the Sale


4 . Deduction

Amount of the Sale deduction


5. Sale type

Type of deduction, eg percentage, amount off


6. Start Date

Date the Sale is to start


7. End Date

Date the Sale is to end


8. Added

Date the Sale was first added to the Storefront Admin


9. Modified

Date the Sale was last modified


10. Edit

Click to edit the Sale


11. Share

Click to Share the Sale on Facebook, a dialog will load with Sale info prefilled ready for sharing on your Facebook business page.


12. Delete

Click to delete the sale

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