How to add/edit a Special

A Special is created by putting a single Product on sale. There are two ways you can add a Special

Via the Product edit screen, see How to put a single Product on sale


Or via the Specials list "Add new Special" button



1. Product image


2. Product title

Select the Product from the drop down list 


3. Special Price

Enter the Special price, enter percentage off eg 20% or enter a new price (ex tax) do NOT type the dollar signs

4. Expiry Date 

Use the calendar icon to select a date that you want this Special to end

5. Status

If set to ON the Special is active on your Storefront
If set to OFF then special is not active on your Storefront


6. Share 

Click to share on your Facebook business page
a dialof will load with relevant information ready to post to Facebook


7. View
View the Special on the Storefront (in a new window)


8. Save

Click the Save button to save the Special

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