Navigating the Home Slideshow list

First go to Storefront Admin > Marketing > Home Slideshow



1. View 

Click to view the Homepage Slideshow on your Storefront (opens in a new window)


2. New Slide

Click this button to create a new Homepage Slide


3. Save

Click to save any changes you have made the Homepage Slideshow list
generally this is only needed when changing the display order of the Homepage Slides (4)


4. Display in random order

Toggle this setting to display your Homepage slides in random order

If set to "On" then active Homepage Slides will be displayed at random

If set to "Off" then active Homepage Slides will be displayed at in order of  how they are set in the list.


5. Slide image

Thumbnail of the Homepage Slide


6. Adjust display order

Click and drag the "Arrows" icon to change the display order of your Homepage Slides


7. Status

Status of the Homepage Slide

If a "Tick" icon, then Homepage Slide is active on the Storefront
If a "Cross" icon then Homepage Slide is inactive on the Storefront

Click to toggle the status of the Homepage Slide


8. Slide Title

Title of the Homepage Slide, this is the Alt Tag given to the Hoempage Slide
Useful for SEO


9. Slide Link

The URL the Homepage Slide will go to when clicked on your Storefront


10. Date Added

Date the Homepage Slide was added to your Storefront Admin


11. Edit

Click this link to edit the Homepage Slide


12. Delete

Click this link to delete the Homepage Slide

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