How to add/edit a Sale



1. Share 

Click to Share the Sale on Facebook, a dialog will load with Sale info prefilled ready for sharing on your Facebook business page.
(Note this is only available on the Edit Sale screen, if adding a new Sale go back into it to see Share button)

2. Save

Click to save the Sale, select the best option from the save submenu to suit your next action

3. Sale Name

Name of the Sale (internal only - this does not appear on the Storefront)


4 Status

Status of the sale

If a "Tick" icon, then Sale is active on the Storefront
If a "Cross" icon then Sale is inactive on the Storefront

Click to toggle the status of the Sale


5 . Deduction

Amount of the Sale deduction, then you must also select Deduction Type from dropdown 

Deduct Amount - all Sale items will be marked down by an amount eg $25 off all Bags

Percent - all Sale items will be marked down by a percentage eg 10% of all Bags

New price - all Sale items will be changed to a new price eg All Bags now $99


6. Products price range

If you wish to have the Sale applied to products within a particular price range, enter it here

Leave blank to apply to not utilize a price range in your Sale


7. If Product is a Special

If the Product is already on Special, should the Sale be applied?

Ignore Specials Price - Will ignore the individual Special and apply Sale condition to normal price

Ignore Sale Condition - Will ignore Sale condition and leave product at its Special price

Apply Sale to Special Price - for a double discount


8. Start Date

Date the Sale is to start, click "Calendar" icon to select the date in correct format


9. End Date

Date the Sale is to end, click "Calendar" icon to select the date in correct format


10. Select Brands

Select the Brands to be included in the Sale, hold down control key to select multiple Brands


11. Select Categories 

Select the Categories to be included in the Sale, select multiple check boxes if neccessary

Note ticking a checkbox for a category, will automatically include all of its subcategories


12. Cancel

Click to return to Sale list


13. Delete

Click to delete the Sale

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