Navigating the Specials list

Storefront Admin > Marketing > Specials

Use this list to view all Products currently on Special. You can also add a Special from this page using the "New Special button
Note; If you wish to put whole subcategories and/or brands on sale, then use Salemaker



1. Product title

The product title, click to edit the Special, hover over the "Camera" icon for a photo of the product.


2. Status

The current status of the special, click to toggle between statuses.

"Tick" icon - Sspecial is active on your Storefront

"Cross" icon - Special is not active on your Storefront


3. Price

The current price with the special applied.


4. Discount 

The amount of the discount


5. Added

Date the Special was added to the Storefront


6. Modified

Date the Special was last modified


7.  Expires

Date the special will automatically expire


8. Edit
Click the edit link to view/edit the Special


9. Share

Click the share link to open up a Facebook dialog with relevant information ready for posting on your Facebook business page.


10. Delete

Click the delete link to delete the special

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