Navigating the Customer Comments list

First, go to Storefront Admin > Customers > Customer Commentscustoemrcomments_list.jpg


1. New Comment

Click this button to create a new Customer Comment


2. Comment ID

The comment ID number


3. Customer Name

The name of the Customer that has provided the comment


4. Status

Status of comment, click to change 

When comments are first  received they are set to a status of inactive (Cross icon) you will need to approve them before they are displayed on your Storefront

"Tick" icon and comment is displayed on Storefront 

"Cross" icon and comment is not displayed on Storefront 


5. Location

Location of the Customer


6. Email Address

Email address of the Customer providing the comment (not displayed on Storefront)


7 Customer comment

The comment provided by the Customer, click edit to view/edit complete comment


8. Edit

Click edit link to edit/view Customer comment


9. Delete

Click delete link to delete the Customer comment, a dialog will ask you to confirm. Note: there is no undo


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