Navigating the Gift Card list

First, go to Storefront Admin > Customers > Gift Cardsgiftcard_list.jpg

1. Create new Gift Card

Click this button to create a new Gift Card


2. Gift Card Number

Number of Gift Card


3. Order Number

The order number the Gift Card is attached to, click to view original order


4. Name 

Name of the Gift Card recipient


5. Email 

Email address of the Gift Card recipient


6. Amount

Gift Card initial value


7. Balance

Remaining balance on the Gift Card


8. Code

Gift card code for use on website


9. Purchased

Date Gift Card was purchased


10. Expiry

Date Gift Card expires


11. Orders

Orders associated with the Gift Card, click to view


12. Resend

Click to resend Gift Card to recipient


13. Delete

Click to delete Gift Card

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