How to view/edit a Customer record



1. Next / Previous Customer

Use these buttons to go back and forth between Customer records


2. Save

After making any changes to the Customer record click the "Save" button to save the Customer record


3. Customer Facebook profile image

If the Customer has a Facebook account attached to their email address, their Facebook profile picture will be displayed here


4. Customer name

The name of the Customer


5. VIP status

The Customers VIP status, to change the status go to the "Settings" tab


6. Total Orders

Total number of Orders from this Customer


7. Total Spend

Total spend from this Customer


8. Customer Info 

Select this tab to view basic Customer information


9. Orders 

Select this tab to view all Orders from this Customer


10. Contact History

Select this tab to view a history of all Personalized emails sent to this Customer. This includes trigger emails such as the Recover Cart series 


11. Customer Settings

Select this tab to view/edit varous Customer Settings


12. Reset Password

Use this button to reset the Customer password


13. Customer information

View / Edit Customer information by editing the fields as required, be sure to save when finished.

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