Navigating the Customer list

First, go to Storefront Admin > Customers > Customers customer_list.jpg


1. Total Customers

Total number of Customers in your Storefront


2. Total Spend

Total amount of Orders placed on your Storefront


3. Average Order

Average Order total in your Storefront


4. Total VIPs

Total number of Customers with VIP status in your Storefront


5. Customer Name

Click the Customer name to go to the relevant Customer screen


6. VIP Status

VIP Status of the Customer, click to change status
Yes - Customer is a VIP and will receive VIP discounts
No - Customer is not a VIP and will not receive VIP Discounts


7. Edit/View Customer 

Click the "edit" link to edit/view the Customer record 

8. Orders

Click the view all Orders by this particular Customer


9. Delete

Click the "delete" link to delete this Customer
A dialog window will load asking you to confirm the deletion of this Customer. There is no undo

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