How to add a new Gift Card


1. Recipient name 

The name of the Gift Card recipient


2. Recipient email

The email address of the Gift Card recipient


3. Amount 

The amount of the Gift Card, enter wholeamount no decimals. For $250.00 enter 250


4. Expiry Date

The expiry date of the Gift Card, select from the drop down list


5. Message

The message attached to the Gift Card to be sent to the Gift Card recipeint


6. Preview

After filling out all the fields, click this button to preview what the Gift Card will look like 


7. Send via email

Checked by default, when you save the new Gift Card, an email will sent via email to the Gift Card recipient
Uncheck this box if you do not wish to send the Gift Card via email to the Gift Card recipient


8. Save

Click to save the Gift Card




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