Navigating the Referral Source list

When first creating an account in your Storefront, as part of the account creation process customers are asked how they heard about you

To help with your marketing, you can then see this info on the customer record and via the Referral Source report


You can edit these choices and their display order via the admin

First, go to Storefront Admin > Customers > Referral Sources


1. New Referral Source

Click to create a new Referral Sources


2. Change display order

Click and drag the "arrows" icon to change the display order of your Referral Sources on the Create Account page
To move your more popular choices to the top


3. Referral Source

The name of the Referral Source


4. Edit 

Click this link to edit the Referral Source


5. Delete

Click this link to delete the Referral Source, a dialog box will ask you to confirm the deletion, click "Ok" to delete. Note: there is no undo




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