Navigating the Brand list



1. View Brands

View a list of Brands on your Storefront


2. Add new Brand 

Click this button to add a new Brand 


3. Total number of Brands

Total number of Brands in your Storefront


4, Top Brand

Top selling Brand in your Storefront


5. Average sales per Brand

The average sales per Brand 


6. Change sort order of Brands

Click and drag handles to sort display of brands.
NOTE: this only applies when Brands are displayed in s single column submenu
Otherwise Brands are displayed alphabetically in a multi column submenu


7. Brand name 

Click Brand name to go to Brand edit screen


8. Brand status

Status of Brand on Storefront

If "Tick" icon - Brand displayed on website

If "Cross" icon - Brand (and associated Products) not displayed on website


9 Show Brand in filter

By default all Brands will be displayed in the Brand filter on category pages

Screenshot:  Showing example of Brands in left column on category pages



If you do not wish to have the Brand display in the Filter by Brand, then you can adjust this setting

If "Tick" icon - Brand displayed in Filter by Brand are on category pages

If "Cross" icon - Brand not displayed Filter by Brand area on category pages


10. Edit Brand

Click to go to Brand edit screen


11. Delete Brand

Click to delete Brand


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