How to add a Product set/ensemble

Present groups of existing products together and offer your customers a curated styled approach or use it as a merchandising option.

The important point to note is that an ensemble Product is a separate Product that groups other Products from your Storefront.

It has its own name, image but no price, the prices come from the Products contained in the ensemble.

The ensemble Product itself can't actually be purchased, only the Products within it can be purchased. 

Customers can select from some or all of the ensemble product. so it differs from the Product bundle which forces customers to buy everything in the bundle.




To make a Product an Ensemble , follow the steps below




1. Create/Navigate to the relevant product and click "Ensemble" tab

2. Select the Products that make up the ensemble from the drop down, and click "+ Add" button

3. Products currently assigned to the ensemble

4. To delete a Product from the list, click the delete (x) button

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