How to add a Product bundle

Bundle existing products together and offer your customers a better deal, or use it as a merchandising option.

The important point to note is that a bundled Product is a seperate Product that contains other Products from your Storefront




The reason for this essentially is so the bundled Product can have its own image and price, quantity is not an issue because the individual products that are in the bundle have their own quantities. although you do need to set an initial quanitiy of the bundled Product

The general usage is lower the price of the bundle so its better value than buying the products on their own


To make a Product a Product bundle , follow the steps below




1. Create/Navigate to the relevant product

2. Select the Products that make up the bundle

3. Choose Product from drop down list

4. Add quantity eg 1

5. Add sort number for display order eg 1, 2, 3 etc

6. To delete a Product from the list, click the delete (x) button

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