How to share a Product on Facebook

It' a good idea to occasionally promote Products on your Facebook business page.

There are a number of ways you can easily share a Product on your Facebook business page from your Storefront Admin.

First you need to navigate to the relevant product


1. Navigate to the relevant Product from the Product list and click the "Share" link



or 2. Navigate to the relevant Product page and click the "Share" button





Either way, a Facebook share dialog window will then open

To share the Product on your Facebook business page follow the steps below.




1. Click the "Share:" drop down to change this from "on your own timeline", as we need to make sure you are posting this to your Facebook business page NOT your personal profile.




2. Select "On a Page you manage" from the drop down list




3. Select the relevant Facebook business page from this drop down (If you only manage one Facebook page you will wont see a drop down)

4. Write a brief intro to the product, with a bit of personality eg Back in stock this week!

5. Product title, automatically created but you can still click to edit

6. Description, automatically created but you can still click to edit

7. Select image to accompany post, primary Product image is selected by default, but you can adjust if more images available

8. Click "Share Linkj" to share the product on your Facebook business page


Best to quickly jump over to Facebook and check the product is displaying as intended!

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