How to add/edit Product options



Firstly lets explain some of the terminology

"Options" are the attribute titles, things like Colour, Size,

"Values" are attribute values. so things like S, M, L, XL, Black, Red, White


Option = Size

Values  =  White, Black and Red etc


To assign an Option (and related Values) to a product follow these steps


1. Click Options tab 


2. Select Option from drop down eg Colour

or 3. If Option is not present in drop down then use "plus" icon to add new Option eg Size

It will then be present in drop down list to select


4. Select Option Value from drop down eg Black

or 5. If required Option Value is not present in drop down then use "plus" icon to add new Option Value eg Red

It will then be present in drop down list to select


6. Price differential

If this type of Option Value has an additonal cost eg Black costs more

then select "+" sign from drop down, if it costs less then select "-" icon

If no price differential leave blank


7. Add price differential eg if Black is $50 more expensive

enter 50 in the field so just use numbers only

Note: this price must be ex-tax

If no price differential leave blank


8. Enter quantity of Option

Eg 5 x Black, enter 5 here


Click Assign button to assign that Option to the Product


Once you have assigned an Option eg Colour, it will move the Option up in the active Option area

You can then go ahead and assign remaining Option Values from that Option



Al other option values eg other colours are now here to be assigned also to this Product

1. Select the Option Value from the drop down list that you wish to add to the Product eg White 

2. Click the "Tick" icon to assign the Option Value to the Product eg White 

3. Click the "Plus" icon to add a new Option Value not already present in drop down eg Red

4. Delete the Option eg Colour from the Product

5. Move Option up and down

6. Delete Option Value from Product eg Black

7. Move Option Value up and down



To fix typos on Options, or delete Options entriely, use the Product Options page in your Storefront Admin

Storefront Admin > Categories & Products > Product Optionsproducts_options_edit.jpg


1. Edit option

Use this link to edit the option, for example if you've made a typo
Click edit, then make your change and click "Update"

Note by default all options are displayed in the "Filter by" area on the Category page


Allowing your customers to filter products according to particular options you have set up. You canadjust if this option appears in the "Filter by" area on Category pages, by selecting the checkbox, or deselecting if you dont wish this option to be present in "Filter by" area.







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