How to add/edit Product information

This is the first screen you will see when you add a new Product, if you are editing a Product these fields will already have data in them.



1. Product name

Descriptive product title for use throughout the storefrnot
NOTE: For SEO reasons this must be unique eg can not be the same as another existing product


2. Date available (Pre-Orders)

If the product is not yet available, click the calendar icon to select a date that it will be in stock ready for sale.
Customers can pre-order and pay for this product like any other product, you simply send it to them when it becomes available.
(To make it easy to administrate you may want to change received order status to Pre-Order so you can keep track of orders yet to be completely filled

3. Brand

Select the brand from the drop down list
if the brand does not exist yet you will need to first create a brand

4. Tax class

This is setup at the outset depending on your store location and tax reporting requirements. 
Eg Australian merchants will always see GST tax class
This tax class will affect price fields below

5. Price (Net)

Enter a Net Price (ex tax) and gross price will be calculated which includes tax, based on your Tax Class (above)
Note: you will only need to edit one of the two price fields, they are connected


6. Price (Gross)

Enter a Gross Price (inc tax)  Price and net price will be calculated which excludes tax, based on your Tax Class (above)
Note: you will only need to edit one of the two price fields, they are connected


7. Model / SKU

Use this field if you would like to track products via an internal code, by default this SKU is for internal use only and not listed on the website but you can do so if you wish, talk to your Project Manager


8. Product status

Use this setting to control the status of the product
When setting is ON, product will be displayed in your storefront
When setting is OFF, product will not be displayed in your storefront

9. Size Chart

Use this setting to control the size chart display for the product
When setting is ON, size chart icon will be displayed on the product page, linking to size chart lightbox (popup)
When setting is OFF, size chart icon will be not displayed on the product page

For more info on Size Charts see here


10. Call to order

if the product is not for sale online, use this setting to control the display of the "Add to Bag" button
When setting is ON, "Add tp Bag" button will be replaced with a "Call to order" button and your phorne number
When setting is OFF, "Add to Bag" button displays as normal

11. Quantity

Enter the total quantity of the product
This should be the total of all product options
Eg if you have 5 x Size 2 and 5 x sizee 3, then total quantity is 10


12. Delivery

When "Domestic only" is checked the product can not be delivered to a non-domestic address
eg can not be delivered outside of Australia

When "Surcharge" is checked, this applies a delivery surcharge to the product.
Delivery Surcharge amount is determined with your Project Manager, at site launch.


13. Weight

If you are using default flat rate delivery you can leave this field blank, as weight is not relevant
If you are using weight based delivery then you can enter a product weight here, in kilograms
0.1 = 100grams, 1 = 1kg,
Discuss with your Project Manager if you arent sure!


14. Video URL
Enter a Youtube embed code from YouTube video page
Make video width 700px wide x 394 px tall for best display
code will resemble this code below

<iframe width="700" height="394" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Copy this code from YouTube and paste into this field.

A "View Product Video" link will appear on the Product page in your storefront


15. Categories 
This is where you assign the Product to a Category (or Categories)
You only need to select its final category, not all Parent Categories
Eg if you want the Product to appear in Clothing > Dresses > Evening
then you only need select "Evening"
Product will appear in Parent Categories automatically 
Eg in the above case, by assigning it to Evening it will ALSO automatically appear in is Parent Categories - Clothing and Dresses

You can assign a Product to mulitple Categories, simply click multiple Categories in the list
Click again to deselect
Remember as above, only the destination Category need be selected, not Parent Categories.


16. When you have completed the Product info, click "Save" button, top right.
You are presented with a range of options after you save
To get a headstart on your next task, select the one that best suits.

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