How to edit an Order

There are a number of ways you can edit an Order

Navigate to the Orders list via Storefront Admin and click the "edit" Order link

Storefront Admin > Customers > Orders


1. Edit order

Select the "edit" link to the edit the relevant order




Navigate to the Order detail screen for the relevant order



1. Edit order button

Click the "Edit Order" button on the relevant Order detail page


From here the Edit Order screen will be displayed


1. Notify Customer by email

Checked by default , when the Order is edited, a new Invoice will be issued to the Customer along with any updates with the Order status. Deselect this box to make the edit for internal view only, and thus the Customer will hot be notified. Generally you will always want to Notify the Customer by email!

2. Save Order

Click this button to apply changes to the Order


3.  Sold to

Relevant Customer information, edit if necessary


4. Delivery Address

Relevant Delivery Address, generally this will be the same as the Customer info, unless its a gift or delivered to perhaps a different address eg work address. Edit if necessary


5. Billing Address

Relevant Billing Address, generally this will be the same as the Customer info. Edit if necessary


6. Paymet method

Relevant Payment Method and Currency for this Order. This information is not editable but displayed for informational purposes


7. Edit Order details

Displays items that make up the order. Here you can change the quantity or select to delete Products.
Be sure to click the "Save Order" button after making changes in this section


8. Add Product

Click this button to add a Product to the Order.

Step 1. First select a Category, then select the Product you wish to add, or use the Search field to display relevant Products 

Step 2. Select the Product you wish to add

Step 3. Select the neccesary options (if any) 

Step 4. Select the Quantity

Step 5. Click "Add to Order" to add the selected Product to the Order.

Repeat for as many Products as you wish to add


9. Delivery Options. 

To change the Delivery Method for this Order select from the available Delivery Options

This will update the Order total area on right


10. Order Totals

To change the Order Totals for this Order, you can adjust the editable fields

Eg. Adjust discount field or delivery field

Order totals will automatically recalculate


11. Communication log

Edit the Communication log for this order

Options here include editing previous comments and/or deleting the comment


12. Update communication Log

Update the Communication log for this order

Options here include adding a comment and new order status

NOTE: If you update the Order without adjusting this field, a new Invoice will be sent

If you do update the Order after adjusting this field, an update email will be sent with your comments, instead of a new Invoice.

So, rather than receiving an update email, generally you wont update these fields, and the Customer will then receive a new Invoice..


13. Cancel

Click to Cancel the Edit Order process and return to the Order detail

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