Order details

The Order detail screen



1. Print Order

Click this button to open the Print submenu

Print Invoice - Open Invoice in in a New Window along with Print dialog for one-click printing 
Print Packing Slip - Open Packing Slip in a New Window along with Print dialog for one-click printing  
Print Returns Slip - Open Returns Slip in a New Window along with Print dialog for one -click printing
Print All - Opens all three documents in a New Window along with Print dialog for one-click printing


2. Edit Order

Click this button to edit this order


3. Back and Next Order

Use these buttons to go back and forth between Orders


4. Customer Information

This section displays the relevant Customer information for the order


5. Delivery Information

This section displays the relevant Delivery information for the Order. This is usually  the same as the Customer information, but not always, for example if the Order is being sent as a gift, or perhaps to a work address. Take note of this information during your fulfillment process


6. Payment Information

This section displays the relevant Payment information for the Order


7. Ordered Prodcuts 

This section displays the Products in the Order


8. Some more Customer info

This section displays some more Customer that will hep you get a picture of previous usage.

View total Orders for this Customer

View total spend for this Cusotmer

View VIP status (if available with your Storefront), click to adjust this status for this Customer 
For example, setting VIP to Yes for this Customer will allow them to recieve VIP discounts on their next order

Consider adding a note to the order to let your Customers

"Thanks for your 4th order with us, we've just upgraded your account to VIP, you will receive X% discount off all future purchases"


9. Order Total

This section displays the Order total presented to the Customer including any discounts and taxes


10. Order history

This section shows all communications to do with this Order

This area shows if the customer was notified, i.e sent an email, or if it was just an internal message, the time and date, and the contents of the mesage.


11. Order comment templates

Select from the drop down list to insert an Order comment template


12. Order comment area

Or... manually enter in a comment here to add to the Order history (and send on to the Customer if you so wish)


13. Change Order status

Change the status of the order before updating i.e Dispatched

Please note: changing Order status may affect stock levels, talk to your Project Manager about your specific setup


14. Notify Customer by email

Checked by default , when the Order is updated, the contents of the Order comment area will be sent to the Customer along with any updates with the Order status. Deselect this box to make the note for internal view only, and thus the Customer will hot be notified.


15. Update Order

Click this button to apply changes to the Order


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