Incomplete Orders



1. Incomplete Orders

Navigate to the Incomplete order tab


2. Total Incomplete Orders

Total number of Incomplete Orders placed by customers on your Storefront


3. Incomplete Order Value

The total value of all Incomplete Orders on your Storefront


4.  Recovery Rate

The % of Orders that are received as a result of the automated Recover Cart email series


5. Incomplete Order Number

Click to see the Incomplete Order details


6. Order Status

The current status of the Order, in the case of Orders on this page - the status will always be "Incomplete"


7. Auto Recovery

By default all Incomplete Orders will be sent the Recover Cart email series, starting with Recover Cart Email 1, and then (according to the timeframe you specify) the subsequent Email 2 and 3.

If "Tick" icon then  the Incomplete Order is currently being sent the Recover Cart email series

If "Cross" icon then the Incomplete Order has had the Recover Cart email series cancelled

If you wish to cancel the Auto Recovery of an Incomplete Order , simply click this "Tick" icon. to cancel the email series.


8. Email Followups

The three circular icons represent the 3 emails in the Recover Cart series, at a glance you can where in the series each Incomplete Order is currently. Dark  grey icons represent a sent email. Typically Incomplete Orders only exist for a few days, the total time period of the Recover Cart series. If the Incomplete Order is Recovered during this time it will move to the Received Orders list and also to the Recovered Orders list for reporting purposes. If the Incomplete Order can not be Recovered i.e no action is taken on the Recover Cart email series by the Customer, then the Incomplete Order is moved to the Abandoned Order list.


9. View Incomplete Order 

Click this link to view the Incomplete Order details 


10. Delete Incomplete Order

Click this link to delete the Incomplete Order. A dialog window will open asking you to confirm. There is no undo. 







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