How to add a Category

1. Firstly  navigate to the category where you would like to insert a new category.

Once there look for the "Add new Category" button up top right.

In the example below we are entering a new category inside the "Clothing" category.




 In the example below, by navigating to a different category, clicking "Add new Category" button here will add  category to "Dresses" 



 Its important this is done correctly otherwise you may enter your Category (or product) in the wrong place.


2. Add new Category screen 


Category info

Proceed to fill out the new category information, you can also edit this at any time later on. But for now we need at least basic category info. Fill out the fields and hit Save button top right.





For advanced users you can have more control over your category meta data.
Note for basic users this will be created automatically.


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