System Requirements

Nextwave Commerce Admin is fully web-based and hosted by us, so there's nothing to download or install. You can use Nextwave Commerce on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer as long as you're using a supported web browser and have an Internet connection.  The supported browsers are:

You must also have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser.

Please note, from time to time you may need to clear your cache when we make updates to the platform to make sure you are using the current version. 

Here are instructions to clear your cache on the particular browser you are on:

- Go to chrome://chrome/settings/clearBrowserData
- Check “Empty the Cache”
- Choose “From the Beginning of time”
- Click “Clear Browsing Data”

- Click the “Tools” menu bar.
- Choose “Internet Options”
- On the “General” tab, click “Clear History”
- When it asks “Delete all items in your History folder?”, click “OK”
- Click “OK”

Firefox on OSX:
- On the menu bar, click on the Firefox menu and select Preferences
- Select the Advanced panel
- Click on the Network tab
- In the Cached Web Content section, click “Clear Now”
- Close the Preferences window

Firefox on Windows:
- Go to Options (if you’re running recent versions of Firefox, you click the orange Firefox button, then go to options, and then options again)
- Click “Advanced”
- In the Cached Web Content Section, click Clear Now.

Safari on OSX:
- Click Safari
- Click Reset Safari
- Uncheck everything but “Remove All Website Data”
- Click Reset

Safari on Windows:
- Click the Cog on the right side of the search bar
- Click Reset Safari
- Uncheck everything but “Remove All Website Data”
- Click Reset

- Click Opera
- Click Preferences
- Click Advanced
- Click History
- Click the “Empty Now” button in the same row as Disk cache

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